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Welcome to Astro Designs! was formed several years ago with a plan to create a professional design service together with a knowledge base formed from an amalgamation of a number of highly skilled engineering minds from the electronics industry. Based around many years of experience spanning several industries and a number of different areas of expertise, we planned to offer a single point of contact for contract design services including board-level design, mechanical design, PCB design & VHDL or Verilog based FPGA design.

Well, that was the plan back in the day when the dot-com revolution was in full swing and a pile of young to middle-aged (mostly), highly skilled engineers had recently found themselves without a company to work for...

Unfortunately plans don't always go to plan and we all quickly dissipated into new roles, new industries, families and new lives. But the domain had been created and so it sat dormant for a number of years...

That is until I unpacked my Raspberry Pi. After drafting a few rough ideas for a plug-on board for a Raspberry Pi that would hopefully turn an old and somewhat redundant university project (the AstroCam) back into something of interest, the PiXi board or PiXi emerged as a more general-purpose product idea which felt like it might be worth trying to push it into production on a larger scale. And since this is the sort of something I'd been hoping to do for many years, just waiting for the right idea to come along, this seemed like too good an opportunity to miss.

So Astro Designs Ltd. was formed, with the simple plan to develop the PiXi on a professional basis whilst maintaining minimum overheads. As a company, as far as the PiXi is concerned, it's not so much about making money, it's about creating something. Creating the product and not making a loss would be good, creating a product that inspires creativity, maybe find it's way into the classroom, helps to encourage people to learn more about electronics or even take it up as a career, and maybe get a little bit of gratifying feedback every now and then, now that would be fantastic!

The website and Astro Designs Ltd. is very much focused on the development of the PiXi at the moment but there are other plans and other projects under consideration so it's all very much work-in-progress at the moment. So please note that some areas of the site are currently undergoing development and maintenance so please be patient with us while we work to improve the site.

Thank you for looking at our site