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PiXi Downloads

PiXi (HAT) Datasheet:

Coming soon…

PiXi (HAT) Specification:

Coming soon…

PiXi (2.0) Datasheet:

Revision 2.0 datasheet for the PiXi.

Product Specification:
Revision 2.0 specification for the PiXi (2.04).
Download here.
Revision 1.0 specification for the PiXi-200 (1.03).
Download here.


Revision 2.0 schematics: Download here.

Revision 1.1 schematics for the PiXi-200, based on the original prototype. Download here.

3D Image:

Revision 2.0 3D Image of the PiXi. Download here.

Mechanical Design:

AutoCAD compatible design files (.dwg & .dxf) describing the mechanical design of PiXi 2.0 (including outlines and dimensions for the Raspberry Pi & Arduino). Download here.

Quick Start Sheet - as shipped with the PiXi (2.0):
The latest version of the PiXi (2.0) Quick Start Guide. Download here.

User Manual:
PiXi user manual and interface specification (Coming soon…)

Reference Designs:

AstroCam2 - Make your own CCD Camera;

Using the PiXi to interface to a custom 4 x 6 button keypad;

Connecting a simple 2-line x 16 character LCD to the PiXi;

Connecting multiple serial interfaces to the PiXi;

Dalek-Pi - resurrecting a broken toy Dalek with the PiXi and a Raspberry Pi; (Coming soon…)

Lego-Pi - Using the PiXi to control a Lego Technic Truck;

Rover5 - Using the PiXi to control the Dagu Rover-5; (Coming soon…)

PiXi Experimenter; (Coming soon…)

Demo Platform 1-b; (Coming soon…)


This is very much in development but if you’re interested in seeing the PiXi-Tools software then you can download PiXi-tools from GitHub:

PiXi-Tools Automated Installation Script:

Installing PiXi-Tools on the Raspberry Pi is relatively easy but this automated script makes it even easier:

Default FPGA Configuration:
The latest pixi.bin file used to configure the FPGA with the default design.

Download the latest version (Version ID: ) here.

Previous versions:

Version ID:

PiXi FPGA Project Archive:
The latest archive of the default FPGA design.
Download here.
Version ID: 224718090213
Note: This requires Xilinx ISE WebPACK development tools to open & compile the FPGA design, however the VHDL source code can be still be viewed or edited using any widely available VHDL editor.
Xilinx WebPACK ISE design tools can be found at

Application Notes:
Please see our Application Note page for downloadable application notes. Click here to go to the PiXi Application Note page