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Wireless network or Internet controlled vehicle

This project will take a standard off-the-shelf radio controlled car and replace the standard radio receiver with a Raspberry Pi fitted with a PiXi board. The Raspberry Pi will be fitted with a WiFi dongle to allow the vehicle to be controlled over the Ethernet or Internet by applications running on (say) a smart phone or any networked computer.

The PiXi will provide the PWM control for the direction & speed control. Spare PWM controllers on the PiXi may be later used to control the orientation of a camera fitted to the vehicle.

The open-collector outputs may later be used to drive an array of lights, LEDs, a sounder.

The PiXi allows an array of sensors including the on-board accelerometers & external sensors such as range-sensors, PIR detectors, GPS to be added later on to offer a further level of interaction with the environment without having to worry about over-allocating the GPIO on the Raspberry Pi.

The PiXi will have the optional 5v regulator fitted so that the PiXi & Raspberry Pi can be powered from the vehicles 7.2v or 8.4v battery pack.