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Remote Controlled Firework Trigger / Display Sequencer

A seasonal project / concept for November 5th… *** PLEASE SEE SAFETY WARNING BELOW ***

This project concept uses the eight 2A open-drain MOSFETs on the PiXi-200 to activate up to eight electronic igniters to ignite a series of fireworks in a precisely timed order.

Electronic firework igniters can be readily obtained that can be used with professional off-the-shelf electronic firework display triggers & sequencers. But they can also be easily driven from a basic 12V / 2A supply via a simple switch or a MOSFET to create a low-cost remote-controlled (& therefore potentially safer) ignition system for a firework display. The MOSFETs on the PiXi-200 and the ability of the PiXi-200 to use an external 12V power supply make it perfect for activating these igniters and triggering the ignition of a firework.

We found these igniters which we successfully used with a PiXi-200:

Use the Raspberry Pi together with the PiXi-200s open-drain outputs, a separate 12V, 2A DC power supply and a web-based PiXi-200 control panel to remotely control the launch sequence for a simple firework display, allowing you to both maintain a safe distance from the fireworks when setting them off and create an semi-automated display sequence.

The 12V supply & open-drain output from the PiXi-200 that connects to the igniter should be protected by a manual isolating switch that allows the igniter to be both isolated and shorted out to make it safe. It’s also recommended to put an LED / resistor across the switch to provide an indication of when the output is active so that the manual switch is only switched on to arm the igniter when the output is seen to be de-activated.


While this is an interesting concept for a project, we should of course point out such a project should only be undertaken by a responsible adult and that all reasonable safety precautions should be taken when working with these (or similar) igniters. And please don’t forget that it’s always far safer and usually cheaper to attend a professionally organised fireworks display. Have fun on November 5th but always play it safe!