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Wireless network or Internet controlled plane with on-board navigation and automated control.

Taking the project for the wireless network or Internet controlled vehicle a little further, this project will replace the radio receiver in a radio controlled plane with a Raspbarry Pi fitted with a PiXi board. The Raspberry Pi will be fitted with a 3G dongle to allow the plane to be controlled over the Internet by applications running on (say) a smart phone or any networked computer.

The PiXi will provide the PWM control for the plane controls.

On board navigation will be provided through a USB or RS232 based GPS receiver.

On board flight automation will be provided by application software running on the Raspberry Pi, supported by orientation data from the accelerometers and magnetometers and location data provided by the GPS receiver.

The USB on the Raspberry Pi will offer the ability to fit a wide-field USB WebCAM for 'point-of-flight' control.

The PiXi will have the optional 5v regulator fitted so that the PiXi & Raspberry Pi can be powered from the vehicles 7.2v or 8.4v battery pack.