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Race telemetry data recorder, processor and transceiver for a Lotus-7 style racing car

The Raspberry Pi was chosen as the race telemetry processor for this project but the amount of data interfaces required by the project quickly went beyond the standard interfaces available on the Raspberry Pi. The project needed two RS232 serial interfaces, one for the ECU connection and one for the dash connection. It also needed two 5V-TTL serial interfaces, one for a GPS module and one for an Xbee RF transceiver. On top of this was the need for analogue sensors and four I2C interfaces to four tyre temperature monitors.

So the PiXi was chosen to work with the Raspberry Pi to provide these interfaces for the following reasons:

Plus there’s still more I/O still available, including 3.3V I/O & open-collector outputs that mean if extra interfaces are required then these could be added at a later date.

Project status…

Well we’ve built a quick prototype of the Raspberry Pi / PiXi based data logger, although I’m told that the box (made from a Samsung Galaxy S3 presentation box) will probably end up as the final box - I just hope it doesn’t get wet…

And of course the important bit is done - the car is up and running:

We’re currently (as of 6th June, 2014) writing the software, serial port drivers, data logging software etc.

More information will be posted with more pictures as the project progresses so please watch this space…