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PiXi 2.0 Quick Start Guide

How to get your PiXi 2.0 up and running quickly!

If you’ve recently got yourself a PiXi2.0 and want to get off to a great start, here are a few links that might help you:

  1. Download the latest Quick-Start Guide;
  2. Looking after your PiXi - a few simple tips on handling help prevent any damage to the PiXi;
  3. Browse the application notes;
  4. Finding the right power supply;
  5. Check  & upgrade FPGA version - download the application note (AN002);
  6. Powering up for the first time;
  7. Download the schematics for the PiXi 2.0
  8. Recommended reading: Switches & LEDs;
  9. Recommended reading: GPIO
  10. Recommended reading: Motion Sensors
  11. Find out more about FPGAs - some usefult links;
  12. Working with the FPGA - developing your own FPGA designs. Download our guide on getting started with FPGA design on the PiXi;
  13. Need some extra help? Just drop us an email:

We’re very sorry, this page is currently under construction…

We’re working to complete this page with all the above links as soon as possible. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience.